Diving on the Canary Islands


The Canary Islands are a small paradise for diving lovers, being able to find very diverse dives on the same island. Tenerife, in particular, presents a great variety of landscapes both outside and inside the water, which makes life very diverse, being able to find anthing from microlife to large species. In addition, it is not a well-known destination in terms of diving, which makes it a “secret paradise”.

Some of the characteristics that make divers fall in love with the Canary Islands are:

The weather

The Canary Islands have a subtropical climate that presents few variations in temperature in the different seasons. That is why it is said that they are in an “eternal spring”.

The water is around 20ºC during most of the year, with small seasonal variations between 19-26ºC.

These valuable qualities make it possible to dive in the Canary Islands throughout the year. The season never ends here!


The marine wildlife

The Canary Islands are home to various species of marine fauna, including some in danger of extinction such as Angelsharks. They also represent a passage channel for many others, among which we can find whales, sharks…

In addition, they are considered a benchmark as an observation point for beaked whales, one of the most unknown marine mammals, due to the fact that they remain submerged at great depths for long periods of time.

This type of species can be seen during whale watching excursions.

When diving we can also enjoy various types of fish, rays, nudibranchs, moray eels…

This wide variety of marine life attracts divers as well as scientists and lovers of the sea.

whale jumping

Variety of landscapes

sea weed

The different types of seabed are one of the causes that favor diversity.

In Tenerife, we can find everything from large sandy areas and sebadales such as those in the Abades area to surprising underwater volcanic formations such as La Rapadura, known worldwide.

This allows different types of dives and for different levels in the same area.

la rapadura

Good visibility

In general, the Canarian waters offer great visibility, around 20-30 meters, which allows you to enjoy the wonderful underwater world without difficulty. These conditions are rare in the diving world, adding to the value of the islands.

Scuba Diving

Characteristics of the Canary Islands

The islands belong to Spain, so we are within the European Union, the currency used being the euro.

It is a safe area with good connections in terms of flights from the mainland and Europe.

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