Can you dive with contact lenses?


Currently, the lack of sight is one of the most common medical conditions, so it is not strange to wonder if this affects your diving.

Water naturally produces a 1/3 magnification of objects, making some people with mild vision impairment see better when underwater.

When this is still not enough, we can choose other options, such as contact lenses or prescription diving glasses.

Contact lenses


  • It is not necessary to have special lenses to dive, therefore it is not necessary to spend money on something solely for diving.
  • They allow you to see both in and out of the water.
  • It is a convenient and fast option.
  • 95% of Divers choose this option.
contact lenses


  • Risk of infection: seawater may contain microorganisms that are harmful to our eyeballs, which makes it advisable to discard contact lenses if they have come into contact with water.
  • Dry eye: being underwater decreases our blinking, which, together with the lenses, can cause us to notice our dry eye.

Graduated mask


  • Easy to use
  • Sometimes you can reuse the lens despite changing the mask.
  • As they are not in direct contact with our eyes, they do not cause any damage.

optical lenses diving


  • Not all the diving mask can be graduated
  • Price: the cost of this type of diving mask usually depends on the graduation, and can be quite high.

It should be noted, by way of conclusion, that there is no correct choice, since tastes and needs vary from one person to another. You have to choose whatever feels best for you!

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