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Yes, Tenerife offers good diving conditions all year round, so we are open every month, there is always something to see under water!

The water temperature in summer is around 24°C and in the winter months it can drop to 18-19°C. There is no big change in the temperature between the surface and the depths.
Normally you are pretty fine with a long 5 mm wetsuit, 7 mm is also possible.

We chose Radazul as our house reef, because it offers really good conditions for all experience levels. Crystal clear waters with visibility up to 35m and a great variety of life.
The sun always shines here and we can dive all year round. Our bay is protected so there are no high waves and usually no, or moderate current. What else can you wish for?
The bathing bay area is at 3-5m depth and an optimal confined water area. When we swim out, we will find open water space, which is ideal for divers from OWD up until the DEEP-Diver. One bay with lots of diversity!

Yes, in Spain it is mandatory to have a valid diving insurance. If you don’t have an insurance, we can contract it within 5 minutes at our dive center! You can choose between day, week, month or yearly insurance.

Sure, we offer the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience for people, who want to have a first look into the underwater world, before doing the Open Water Diver Course. It only takes you 3-4h.
If you prefer to stay on the surface, we can offer you snorkeling. Just grab mask & snorkel and jump into the water!

The Open Water Diver / CMAS 1* is fine, but if you really want to enjoy Tenerifes underwater treasures the Advanced OWD or DEEP are even better, because many dive sites are below the -18m mark,
You can easily do your Advanced OWD course with us in 2 days, so you combine fun and a new certification during your holidays!

No problem at all. Many people don’t want to carry all the heavy equipment on the plane. We have good rental equipment in all sizes and change it every few years!

Of course you can! If you feel a little bit rusty, the PADI ReActivate would be a good idea to get confident in the water again!

Depends on the dive site, Tenerife offers you a lot of different things. Being a volcanic island we have an astonishing underwater landscapes, bridges, tunnels, caves and basaltic rock formations.
But you will also find a lot of different fish, turtles, big rays of different kinds, octopus and cuttlefish, you can also find the beloved macro animals (nudibranchs, …)
We don’t have corals here, but people who are willing to enjoy the beauty of nature will be amazed by the big variety and biodiversity!

Following the PADI rules, after a normal dive you should wait 12h before boarding a plane or going to the Teide, after various dives ore really deep dives, 18h is the rule.
Generally speaking: Don’t do it the same day after diving, but you can go to the Teide and directly jump into the water afterwards, no problem at all!

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