Now what?

Get specialized in what YOU love to do!


1-2 DAYS


Learn more about what interests you under water!

Have a look at all our PADI Specialties below to choose a course to suit your interests. Whatever your interests are each course will provide knowledge, skills and techniques which will ultimately make you a more proficient diver.

Explore new gases with the Nitrox Diver, go deeper with the DEEP Specialty or take stunning pictures as a Digital Underwater Photographer, our experienced diving instructors at Scubanana help you to advance in the field you choose.

What is included in the Specialties?

  • Learning materials for the course or eLearning
  • Knowledge Development for the topic
  • Open Water Dives to learn and use new skills
  • Full scuba equipment + special equipment needed
  • PADI Diving instructor
  • Certification Fees
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Why choose Scubanana Dive Center?

  • Small groups in your language
  • We adapt to your schedule
  • Family atmosphere
  • Facilities directly inside the harbour
  • Nice confined water diveside at 100m of our dive center
  • Perfect conditions for Open Water training dives -5m to -40m
  • Plenty of sea life around
  • Certified PADI instructors with lots of experience

deep diver

PADI Deep Diver

nitrox diver

Enriched Air Nitrox

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Digital Underwater Photographer

Digital Underwater Photographer

night diver

Night Diver

wreck diver

Wreck Diver