Not too confident anymore?

Refresh your skills with the ReActivate Program!


3 Hours

Feel safe again

PADI ReActivate Program


How do I assemble my scuba equipment again?
What exactly is decompression sickness?
How can I best control my buoyancy?

If you haven’t been diving for a while and find yourself asking these or similar questions, it’s time for a refresher program: the PADI ReActivate! The ReActivate Program is designed for certified divers who either haven’t been diving in a while or would like to refresh their skills. One of our experienced PADI Diving Instructors will safely guide you back into the water and refresh your knowledge so you can dive confidently once more.
The best part: it only takes 3 hours! But we will use this time wisely to work with you individually on what you need to feel safe in and under the water again, and even have time for a dive to explore our fascinating underwater world. No matter what area you would like to improve or if you don’t remember very well, we will help you get back on track!
We work in small groups and you will have your personal PADI Diving Instructor to coach you back to your old standards.
Afterwards, you can dive with confidence and participate in guided group dives or start a new course.

What is included in my ReActivate?

PADI ReActivate

You haven’t been diving in 5 years or more and are not very experienced underwater? 
You don’t feel safe anymore but don’t want to repeat the whole Open Water Diver Course?

Check out our Full Day ReActivate programThis program will give you a full day of personal coaching from an experienced PADI Diving Instructor in a very small group. This allows us to work with you individually and gives us plenty of time to provide you with exactly what you need, so you can feel safe again experiencing the weightlessness.

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Why choose Scubanana Dive Center?


Regain your confidence
  • PADI ReActivate Program
  • Second Open Water Dive
  • 3 hours


Regain your confidence
and directly go for another dive
  • PADI ReActivate Program​
  • Second Open Water Dive
  • 6 hours


Regain your confidence
after a long time without diving
  • PADI ReActivate Program
  • Confined Water Sessions
  • Two Open Water Dives
  • Full day
without diving

get back into the ocean

3 hours

feel save again

Instructor explaining

short theory introduction

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PADI Professional with you

divers in Radazul

Confined Water Session

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A lot of FUN!

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lots of sea life

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Open Water Dive