Best diving spots on Tenerife


Tenerife is known among divers for its large amount of marine life, its striking volcanic seabeds and its good conditions that allow diving throughout the year. This great variety of dives, together with the warm water temperatures and the abundant visibility, which exceeds 30 meters, makes this island a paradise for lovers of the underwater world.

Below we will briefly talk about some of the most outstanding dive spots on the island.


Radazul Bay has earned the first place on this list for its good conditions and the different depths it offers, making diving possible for both experienced people and those who are discovering the depths for the first time. In addition, here we can find a great variety of marine life distributed between its rocky bottoms and its sandy areas.

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El Peñón

One of the best preserved wrecks in Tenerife is El Peñón, located a few meters from the coast of Tabaiba and sunk to a depth of 30 meters, which makes it necessary to be an Advanced Open Water Diver to be able to carry out this dive.

This ship was sunk to act as an artificial reef, drawing the attention of marine fauna and divers and becoming the best option for shipwrecks in Tenerife. In addition, its proximity to our dive center makes it possible to visit it on a regular basis.

wreck diving


This shore dive consists of a basalt formation with a sandy bottom where marine life abounds, such as moray eels, nudibranchs, pooches and octopus among others.

The possibility of making this dive at depths that vary from 18 meters to 40 makes it suitable for very varied levels.

Las Eras

This immersion point is famous among the locals, consisting of a creek whose roofs hide a great diversity of marine fauna, such as moray eels, trumpet fish, striped burritos … As an extra we have a small tunnel that we can go through.

Punta Prieta

Punta Prieta is formed by a beautiful sandy area bordered by a rocky wall that gives shelter to various animals, among which we can find nudibranchs, pooches, octopuses and moray eels. In this wall we can also find a small cave at about 35 meters .

The depth that we can reach exceeds 30 meters, so it is advisable to have the Deep Diver specialty.

Tubo de Garachico

To demonstrate the beauty of the volcanic landscapes, you will not need more than a visit to the Tube of Garachico, in the north of the island.

This dive made from a boat consists of the entrance to the tube, which becomes wider as you go, ending in a large opening that leads to a rock formation called Angel Wings. Throughout the entire route we can enjoy the macro life present in the area.

The tube is at a depth of between 16 and 26 meters, so it is necessary to have the Advanced Open Water Diver qualification, at least.

tubo de Garachico

La Rapadura

This diving point is especially striking for its basaltic formations that give rise to a huge wall formed by hexagonal structures, this being a unique landscape very characteristic of Tenerife that is recognized worldwide.

Because the depth in this case reaches 40 meters, the Deep Diver qualification is necessary.

la Rapadura

La Catedral

The Cathedral is known for the impressive volcanic landscape in the form of arches that it possesses. As for the fauna, we can find a large number of gorgonians.

Due to the conditions in this area and the depths reached, this is a recommended dive for experienced divers.

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