Diving insurance in Spain


Currently, Spanish law requires all certified divers to have current diving insurance when diving.

These can usually be contracted directly at the dive centers themselves or even online through web pages.

What does diving insurance cover?

Depending on the type of insurance and the company you choose, you will have some policies or others. However, it is common for the following to be covered:

  • Medical expenses
  • Search and rescue
  • Hyperbaric chamber
  • Repatriation

When using our insurance, it is necessary that the dive we have made is within the limits of our certification, and the insurer may deny care if these have not been respected.

In addition, some insurances cover other aquatic activities such as freediving, snorkeling, spearfishing, surfing …

Types of insurance

There are several options when hiring insurance, its duration normally varies, the following options being the most common:

Daily insurance

It has a duration of 24 hours from the moment of hiring. It is mainly focused on those occasional divers. Its price ranges between € 8-10.

Weekly insurance

With a duration of 7 days it is a viable option for a small diving vacation. It costs between € 20-25.

Monthly insurance

Like the previous one, it is an option to consider if you only dive during vacation periods. Its price is around € 35.

Annually insurance

This type of coverage is the most common among divers, it lasts for 12 months. It usually costs between € 50-90.

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Divers Alert Network or DAN is the world’s most recognized organization for diving safety. It is dedicated to research and the provision of medical services for divers, including various insurances.

DAN also frequently publishes new discoveries about the world of diving, with the intention of keeping divers up-to-date with the latest medical news.

The main mission of this organization is to assist divers and prevent possible damage through training and knowledge.


Why is insurance important?

In the world of diving we care enormously about safety, taking measures to reduce any possible risk, such as the use of safety equipment, hiring insurance, courses such as Rescue Diver

Diving within our limits is unlikely to have an accident. However, when something happens we greatly appreciate having though about it before and don’t need to worry about financial or insurance issues in this moment.

Normally all kind fo diving accidents are treated in hyperbaric chambers. Treatments in these chambers vary depending on the type of injury and the patient. However, they usually last about a month, with an average of 20 sessions. The price per session can exceed € 100.

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Knowing the possible expenses that an accident can cause, is diving insurance really that expensive?

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