Three tricks to equalize your ears


As divers, we know that pressure changes are something we have to deal with every time we dive.

Pressure only affects gases, and we have several body spaces that contain gases. Among them we can find the lungs, which are equalized by constant breathing.

In the ears, the pressure is especially noticeable, so we use various tricks to equalize it.

Below we name the most used ones

Valsalva maneuver

This maneuver involves expelling air from the lungs while keeping the nose covered and mouth closed.

What happens is that when trying to release the air through the blocked nose, it travels to the ears and sinuses opening the Eustachian Tube. This should be done frequently when descending and always blowing gently.

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Frenzel maneuver

This way of equalizing airspaces involves blocking the vocal cords and trying to make a sound like “guh,” which causes the tongue to rise and push the air toward the top.

This maneuver is relatively easy and requires a lower expenditure of oxygen than that of Valsalva.

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When swallowing we cause a movement of the jaw that allows the opening of these ear canals, thus equalizing the ears

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