What to bring to your Open Water Diver?


You just booked your PADI Open Water Diver course and are super hyped, you just can’t wait to get there and jump into the water! Starting to prepare your luggage, you ask yourself: What do I need to bring?

Most important: A good attitude!

But a bathing shorts/bikini would also be nice and a towel to get dry after diving. At Scubanana you will find all the diving gear you need (& it’s included in the course price). Nevertheless you can bring your own mask, snorkel, fins, whatever if you prefer to use them. It’s good to get used to your own equipment. If you don’t have your own equipment yet, you can also buy it in our little Scubanana Shop.

If you wear glases the best option is to bring contact lenses. You can put them in and than freely choose any mask.


In the PADI eLearning you will find a medical questionnaire, you have to fill it out! If you answer one of the questions with ‘YES’ you will need  clearance from your doctor, that you are able to dive. Please have a look at this medical questionnaire in advance. In case you need to see your doctor, you still have time to make an apointment before your holidays.

We hope everything is ready now and are waiting for you in Radazul, to start your Open Water Diver course as soon as possible!

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