Underwater Scooters, the latest fashion at sea


The maritime field is one of the favorites for all lovers of fun. The possibilities it provides us are endless. With an increasing number of options that allow us to explore the limits of the sea and dive into its depths with maximum safety.

However, in recent months a fashion has been established as one of the strongest trends of the moment. It is about underwater scooters, do you know their possibilities?

Take the concept of fun to a higher level

Equipped with powerful motors, underwater scooters, also called DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), include two speeds, slow and fast, which allows us to move at high speed underwater. Providing a unique perspective of the seabed and making it possible to visit more than one dive site in the same dive.

underwater Scooter

One of the determining factors of the duration of the dives is the air. However, when using scooters we reduce physical effort, which means a considerable decrease in air consumption, allowing us to do longer dives.

Maximum power in the palm of your hand

Scooters are characterized by the power and speed they offer the user. Thanks to the excellent work that has been carried out in terms of design, they are currently tools of a particularly contained size. Which, in addition, are very easy to control. Aware that in many cases its use is reserved for beginners, the main brands on the market have made a significant effort to offer excellent resistance. Withstanding most of the routine blows that we can find on the seabed.

To be able to use them, it is essential to have previously taken the DPV course. This is focused on the acquisition of basic skills and the necessary knowledge to be able to carry out the activity safely, in addition to knowing the basic characteristics of scooters. It should also be known that it is possible to obtain the same in a single day, doing two dives accompanied by professional personnel who will help you acquire the necessary skills. 

diver girl with scooter

Underwater scooters have established themselves as an activity that is increasingly in demand in the maritime environment. Thanks to the excellent geographical location of the Canary Islands, we find ourselves in an idyllic setting. In which carrying out this type of activity can become an experience that you will never forget.

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