What is a Try Dive?


Breathing underwater, that incredible sensation of diving. It’s something that every diver loves and recommends. But, have you ever try diving for the first time? The best choice to getting started and discover if you like or not this underwater world is to try dive.

What is a Try Dive?

The try dive is the first dive that a person does in the sea, and it gives a first taste of breathing underwater and what is like to be a diver. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, also known as PADI, defines this first dive as a test to learn what is diving about and if we really like it or not. If we like this experience, then we can continue to get the official diving certification.
The try dive is an experience that you’ll hardly forget. In most cases, it hooks anyone who does it to the underwater world.

How does it work?

try dive According to PADI structure, the try dive gets the name of Discover Scuba Diving. The age requisite to do this activity is anyone from 10 years old. It is then, on the one hand, a theoretical class. On the other hand, a short practice in shallow waters and a dive on the sea. This dive is done in areas with a maximum depth of -12 meters. Once the activity is completed, the person receives a diving diploma that indicates that she has completed her first diving experience. In the theoretical class, we review all the equipment: how is it, how it is used; just as safety issues, to then jump into the water. This is the first step to go into this wonderful underwater world.
Try dives are taught by a qualified diving professional, who is supervising the activity at all times.

What’s included in a try dive with Scubanana?

    • PADI Discover Scuba Diving Participant Guide
    • Short Theory Session to understand basic concepts of Diving
    • Confined Water Dive to learn how to use the scuba equipment
    • Open Water Dive to use your skills and explore the ocean!
    • Full scuba equipment
    • PADI Diving instructor always by your side
    • Diving insurance

try dive

If you want to try diving for the first time in Tenerife, at Scubanana we will be delighted to do it with you. Begin your underwater adventure with us!

We are your Dive Center in Radazul, Tenerife.

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